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Access real-time product usage statistics on national and global scale.

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Identify, select and implement targeted consumer promotion campaigns.

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Stay ahead of product life cycles with consumer based reward systems.

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We ensure quality & support.

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Scanacart protects and validates quality & certified products allowing brands to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

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Stylish, Simple and Unique !

Stylish, Simple and Unique !

We offer customized anti-counterfeit solutions to fit your packaging needs. if you care enough about your product, make the investment. We will custom design a scanacart sticker to fit any shape or size that will fit your product or packaging.

Packed with amazing features
  • lock Enjoy multi-tiered anti-counterfeit technology built to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • done Inherent consumer centric brand tracking, promotion and administration.
  • attachment Customizable user experience in both mobile and web-based technologies.

Everything you
need to protect your product

Counterfeit products not only damage your reputation, but also bring health risks to your clients. We can design a custom tamper proof security seal of any shape and size to fit your packaging needs. Each one of our security seals is connected to our online platform, creating a complete, closed loop eco-system.

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Secure Labels

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    Designed Secure label
    specifically for your product
    backed by Scanacart's
    Marketing Platform
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Packaging Design

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    *Custom Designs
    *Design to Spec
    *Quick Turnaround
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Content Creation


    *Custom Videos
    *Custom 3d renderings
    *Product Renderings
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Augmented Reality (AR)

$200 - 2500 Per/AR*

    *Based on AR Designed
    *Custom AR Renderings
    *Detailed Tracking
    *Custom Domains
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Website Design

$ 3500 - 15k+

    *Custom Website
    *W/ annual Maintenance
    *Custom Domains
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Custom Package
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Web Services Showcase
Trending flat and responsive design

Scanacart can host, design and maintain your brand's online presence.

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Scanacart creates unique user experiences within our mobile app. Available in IOS and Android.

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